WSSHRF online video Championships - ELIMINATION round - 27.04.2021


  •  Only
    members of the WSSHRF Federations/Groups/ Individuals and invited
    Federation/Groups/Individuals can participate at the WSSHRF  online
    Championships. Federation which confirm participation till April 27,
    2021 will receive codes for login and creation composition of
    participating individuals and teams members. 
    Limits of participants from registered WSSHRF members federations
    that have paid annual membership for 2021 is TWO competitors in each age and weight category and ONE competitor from nonmembers federation or country. In case the WSSHRF registered federation does not pay the annual membership fee, it will be able to nominate only ONE competitor to each category.   A
    competitor from 8 to 15 year can take part in one age category  Kata
    individual, Kata team, and one weight Kumite category.  A Competitor +16
    year can participate plus in category Kata Kobudo Bo. T
    he entry fee will have to be paid for each category in which the competitor will take part.
  • Registration:  start 27.04.2021 end 13.05.2021

    Uploading of video:  start 06.05.2021 end 14.05.2021 

    Evaluation:  start 15.05.2021 end 19.05.2021

    Publication of result: 20.05.2021

  • The Elimination round competiton code is published in the files for DOWNLOADS, code can be used for National qualification.

Usporiadateľské konto: World Sport Shito Ryu Federation
Termín: 27.04.2021
Typ súťaže: Súťaž pre pozvané federácie / kluby
Registrácia: 27.04.2021 - 14.05.2021
Ostaršenie: Nie
Viacnásobný štart: Áno
Súbory na stiahnutie: WSSHRF Video Championships Bulletin 1.pdf - 06.04.2021 23:08:48
CODE Elimination 2021.pdf - 30.03.2021 09:19:22
Assement of kata performance .pdf - 06.04.2021 23:09:00